A3a: 1 Minute Branded 
Choreographed Walkthru Tour

$75/ + Combo

*Only available with a Fusion® Interactive Viewer virtual tour package

  • Choreographed images with
    • Basic Transitions
    • Basic Background Music
  • Agent Picture & Contact Info
  • Virtual tour link emailed to you
  • Photoshoot and turnaround time dependent on tour package purchased.

A3b: Premium Branded 
Choreographed Walkthru Tour

$200/ + Combo
  • Choreographed stills and video clips with
    • Premium Titles 
    • Premium Transitions
    • Premium Background Music
  • Agent Branding at beginning and/or ending
  • No picture delivery
  • No Fusion® viewer
  • Virtual tour link emailed to you
  • Allow a minimum of 2 hours for photoshoot
  • Up to 48 hour turnaround
Premium WalkthruVideo Samples

Occupied SFH

Vacant Waterfront

Condo Unit

Choreographed presentation with premium titles, transitions and background music that aesthetically simulates walking through the spaces.

NOTE: Drone photography/video incurs an additional cost.

*Additional charges apply for additional products and services such as additional photos, long distance travel or extended photoshoot, see FAQ for more details.

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