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Add-ons& Extras
$5/Pic + Package

A1a: DaytimeStills

  • ON-SITE extra stills are $5 each
  • OFF-SITE extra stills are a 5 picture minimum ($100)
    and $5 each thereafter per site location
$100 + Package

A1b: NighttimeStills

  • Applies to photoshoot between 5pm – 7am and must be combined with a package.
$5/Pic + Package

A1c: PhotoEnhancement

  • Additional photos not taken by me but that you want in your tour need enhancement to keep the same look. I enhance the photos as best as possible (depending on the image quality) and can add words or arrows pointing out the location of the property.
  • NOTE: This drone shot was taken by someone else and sent to me by the client.
$32/Pic + Package

A1d: 360°Spheres

*Only available with a Fusion® Interactive Viewer virtual tour package that includes
10 spheres for $250. Groups of 3, 5 or 7 spheres can be added for extra savings!

$75/Scene + Package

A2: VirtualStaging

$75 + Package

A3a: 1 Minute Branded 
Choreographed Walkthru Tour

*Only available with a Fusion® Interactive Viewer virtual tour package

  • Choreographed images with
    • Basic Transitions
    • Basic Background Music
  • Agent Picture & Contact Info
  • Virtual tour link emailed to you
  • Photoshoot and turnaround time dependent on tour package purchased.
$200 + Package

A3b: Premium Branded 
Choreographed Walkthru Tour

  • Choreographed stills and video clips with
    • Premium Titles 
    • Premium Transitions
    • Premium Background Music
  • Agent Branding at beginning and/or ending
  • No picture delivery
  • No Fusion® viewer
  • Virtual tour link emailed to you
  • Allow a minimum of 2 hours for photoshoot
  • Up to 48 hour turnaround
$50 + Package

A4c: PrintableQR Code E-Flyer

*Only available with a Fusion® Interactive Viewer virtual tour package

$15/15 minutes

A4a: ExtendedPhotoshoot

Extended Photoshoot
  • Spaces should be 100% photo ready
  • Client caused delays are charged as applicable
$50/10 miles

A4b: Long-DistanceTravel

Long Distance Travel Icon
  • Mileage is rounded up to every 10 miles outside of main service area
*See FAQ for more details.

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